SOS Feminist Pre-Schooling

Following a freakish experience where I arrived at my four year old’s pre-school end of year show to gawk at boys dressed as ringleaders in top hats with pretend whips and girls in tutus with pink circle cheeks and drawn on eyelashes, fluttering their arms every time the boys cracked the whips, I’ve been in a panic searching for feminist pre-school resources, curricula, people, ANYTHING, PLEASE, NOW, I discovered the following:


The NOW links are dead, but I wondered if anyone else had any thoughts, ideas or resources around this?

My main roadblock around this stuff is how insidiously classist it feels. I would LOVE to feminist home-school my kids, or do some combo or whatever. But as the single earner of the family, it’s totally not an option. And despite my efforts, I haven’t been able to pull together a crew to do it together as a community. What options does that leave?

PS I will be spending my summer – on top of everything else – trying to teach the four year old that girls not only can, but often are ringmasters. How’s that for patriarchy forcing me into a reactive position, and determining the curriculum?


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