Good things for boys? :(

Taken by Meerchi at the SF MOMA…

I have to say, the packaging was so appealing (despite the 1950s gendering), it inspired me to look into the company behind it.  And it made me so sad, because really, who wants to argue with toys that encourage and guide children in making their own stuff? They’re inventive and interesting – I mean I’d be pretty excited about “building my own erupting volcano”. And given all my past experiments with making my own clothing, I’d even be down with “creating my own designer cami top”.

I did a quick scan of their toys, and I think this is the only one that includes a gender imperative. Too bad for that.



One comment

  1. Meerchi

    I am kicking myself for taking this picture and leaving quietly without letting the SF MOMA know I was offended!

    I just checked out the company website too and do find the products interesting. The problems seems to be with the marketing. If you look at the images on the websites, the girl paints a teddy bear and plays with beads while the boy climbs trees and builds volcanoes, which totally reinforces gender stereotypes.


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