Slight change of plans

Some news!

Sooo…those of you who have been paying attention may have noticed that despite the mention of four fab mamas in the (former) “About” description of this blog, I was not-so-surreptitiously full-on hogging the spotlight. Following a quick check-in with my inspirateurs, I’m biting the fear-of-attention bullet and coming clean. Sort of. From here on, it’s just me.

A bit of history

The blog was born shortly after my daughter’s fourth birthday, the pinnacle (I hope) of her pre-school princess craze. I was flabbergasted by the intransigent, occasionally downright disrespectful insistence on toxic girl froth by some of our loved ones, and needed a place to figure it all out with kindred souls. Cue: Live from the pink wars.

From what I can tell, it was useful and reassuring for a few of us. It certainly allowed me to breathe, and feel less alone. For that, amigas, I thank you forever. You know who you are.

It was also a really good distraction from some other really difficult things in my life, which I blog about elsewhere (email me if you need a URL). It’s still enormously relevant. But it’s not the whole picture.

And now…

Now I consolidate.

Wish me luck.


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