Topless Girl-on-Girl Action: A Muslimah’s Response to the FEMEN Protests

Hatch NAILS it. Thank you, jazakallah!!!!

What Men truly think about FEMEN

Once again my religion has been hijacked- this time not by gun-toting lunatics or explosives experts, but by boobs and banners.
The now infamous ‘Breast-Fest’2013 staged by members of FEMEN outside masajid throughout Europe, caused a stirring in the Islamic community worldwide. Our dear Sister, Sofia Ahmed, reacted to the misguided misrepresentation of Muslim women in Western society by organizing a peaceful counter-campaign supported in large part by Hijab-clad, placard-holding Muslimahs. I did not join the fight.

We have a real problem here
I have no concern that women who know nothing about my religion speak against and misrepresent it. Any minority group seeking inclusion or equal consideration must be prepared to be vilified by some and misunderstood by others. What concerns me is that we as women are more outraged by breasts than by the oppression of other women.
Disputed reports of the Tunisian sister, Amina Tyler, imprisoned for…

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