“Skinny jeans” vs “Boyfriend jeans”: Girl power rocks!

Back to school means so many different things to different people. For parents of school-age kids, there’s a squaring of shoulders, a tightening of jaw as the long shadows of the school year loom. Bed-time fascism, meal planning anxiety, upping the homework ante, zany, new little viral bugs and everyone’s all-time favourite, lice.

Sending my kids into the wilderness of a new school in a new city this year, one of my head-scratchers is how one approaches the absence of uniforms. There’s very little that makes me crazier than IRL (In Real Life, stay with me, my digital immigrants) shopping with the kids, so naturally it occurred to me that as with everything else, maybe the internet would save the day.

And how it did.

‘Cause how else would I have found out that my six and four year old daughters can now choose between “skinny jeans”, “super-skinny jeans” and “boyfriend jeans”! “A Perfect Fit for Every Body”!!! Yay for feminism, yay for choice! Thank you, Old Navy!

Seriously, my brow is now officially sweat-free.

What. The. Fudge.



One comment

  1. Thanks for your like! I couldn’t agree more, I buy my girls’ jeans in the boys section. I mean seriously???

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