Compulsory Masculinity is Murder



Not sure if I can write this with the kind of sensitivity it warrants. I don’t even know if I can write it at all, because I’ve been crying  for the past hour. But an 11 year old child is in critical condition following a suicide attempt. It is unclear whether he will live. If he lives, he will have sustained brain, lung and heart damage, and there is a possibility that he will require lifelong care.

Because he was a little boy who liked My Little Pony.

It would be farcical if it wasn’t horrific.

It is in the raw place of shock that the impulse to cast blame is strongest. And everyone knows that the blame game can be totally unconstructive. But I am feeling very raw right now, and I want to take advantage of that rawness to say the things that may get lost in the more balanced soul-searching that is sure to come.

You did this. You people who tell little boys not to cry, to “be a man”, who laugh and scold if ever your son dares to look at the colours pink or purple. You people who are role models for the flippant mockery of boys and men who step anywhere off the narrow path of prescribed masculinity. You believe in your hearts that you are good people. Maybe you believe that you represent God. But actually, you represent murder. And you are teaching your children to be little murderers.

You drove this little boy, this child, to believe that he would be better off ending his own life than living with the collective abuse he suffered because he liked a goddamn tv show.

I have no more words for any of you.


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